Visualizing feminist dissent in the era of social media and kleptocratic regimes


TRAIL BLAZER: The brave Stella Nyanzi (PhD) from Uganda, a good example of how social media can be a space for self-expression, dissent – and a threat to a kleptocratic regime. Pix: Internet.

Currently working on an article about online visualization of protest as an emerging mode of feminist dissent. The article explores not only how feminist protest can be rendered powerful through the conscientious production of visual forms of text, imagery and/or voice online – but also, the nature and extent of the impact this has on both on and offline discourses.

Through online research methodologies, the Research chronicles and analyzes a Ugandan feminist’s online trajectory of protest against masculine power and hegemony over a period of one year. The analysis explores the aesthetic of feminist protest (and their efficacy) in terms of their networked circulation, agenda setting as well as their (dis)affective bonds and material contexts.

The study uses grounded theory in its overall approach but draws on the overlapping perspectives of feminist media studies, postcolonial digital humanities and democratic justice.

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