Digital media skills for today’s newsrooms

social-mediaNewsrooms across the world are having to adapt to the onset of digital advancements rocking the industry. A tall order for journalists. A good way to test your social media skills as a media practitioner (especially female – lest you risk being left behind) is to test (atleast with ICFJ indicators) and thereafter skill yourself in the art and requirements of modern newsroom journalism – be it Digital Only, Hybrid or Traditional newsroom. Educators – take note, too!

First-tier skills – minimal
Posting stories and comments on Social media
Digital photography
Engaging audiences on social media
Producing and distributing stories across multiple platforms
Using analytics and web statistics to measure audience engagement

Second-tier skills – medium
Multimedia reporting and editing
Video production and editing
Webdesign, development and management
Using digital tools to validate and verify information
Working with grafics
Audio production and editing
CMS mgt and coding
Mobile and backpack reporting
Data visualization/production of infofgraphics

Third- tier skills – skilled social media users
Data journalism
Working with live video
Using analytics and webstatistics to drive news agenda
Buiding or adapting ditigal tools/apps for newsroom use
Podcast production
Working with VR/360

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