#CENS18: Women’s tech-driven careers in rural areas – results trickling in!

This year’s Conference theme was: Narratives of uniformity and diversity (#CENS2018). The backdrop for the conference lies in the fact that Nordic countries have a recognized place on the global scene. Continuously at the top in rankings in quality of life and a whole range of other surveys and a steady reputation as stable and prosperous societies form a main content in the perception of the Nordic. There is a global demand for knowledge about the Nordic societies. Whether it concerns the economics of the tripartite model or the politics of gender equality, welfare technologies, penal and other kinds of humanitarianism and Nordic cooperation, or the cultural innovations of New Nordic design, researchers and policymakers from across the globe see the Nordic region as a dynamic research object with ideas worth probing.
Carol Azungi Dralega presented the papers in the session on: “Women in the Nordic Labour Market” (presented on Women’s day) sharing some findings beginning to trickle in from the Nordic Centre of Excellence project ‘Beyond the gender paradox – women’s tech-driven careers in and outside academe’ funded by Nordforsk. The presentations offer insights into women’s tech-driven career trajectories and histories within the fields of research, innovation and the media. The focus is rural and sparsely populated region of Sogn og Fjordane.




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