Have you experienced online hate?

Last week, our research project SOCYTI converged researchers and stakeholders from Norway and internationally to share experiences and discuss the topical issues of online hate speech in Kristiansand, Norway.

The researchers from Western Norway Research Institute, NLA University College, NTNU and George Mason University (USA) engaged with the invited stakeholders from the Police department, Ministry of Justice and Public Safety, ARKIVET Peace and Human Rights Centre, Nordic safe Cities (Arendal Municipality); Norwegian Media Authority, Norway’s Multicultural Center (NOMKUS) as well as Faith Associates UK.

As researchers with amased state-of-the-art literary insights, it was additionally enlightening to hear lived experiences from real life contexts as we together unpacked complexities, intersections, the dangers and possible solutions to online hate speech, radicalization and polarization.

Did you know that hatespeech is punishable by law in Norway?

Yes, read about the pioneer cases in Norwegian supreme court here, in Norwegian here or read this open access academic paper here.

Have you experienced hate speech? and you want to share your experiences?

We are interested in hearing from you: as individuals, social groups, institutions about your experiences of hate speech, what you did after recieving the hate and if/where you recieved help from. Do you have any suggestions for combating online hate speech? You can reach out to:

Research team: rak@vestforsk.no or cardra@nla.no

You can also tip the police on online hate crimes: https://www.politiet.no/tjenester/tips-politiet/

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